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Big Burn Jerky with Big Wig

Craft Beer Jerky

We love crafting awesome chilli collaborations that surprise and delight our fans. And yes we've done it again...

What started as an appreciation for Brisbane's favourite snack, Big Wig jerky, quickly turned into a quest for making the world's hottest jerky!

After a few beers and trips to the Big Wig kitchen our Big Burn jerky was born. Crafted with top quality Australian beef marinaded in our scorpion based Sting Like a Bee sauce, the flavour is sensational. To give that intensely deep and long lasting burn we add a generous dusting of Ghost peppers. 

So working closely with Matt, Big Wig's jerky genius we've not quite made the world's hottest jerky, this time. Instead we've crafted the tastiest chilli jerky that takes you to the very edge of insanity without tipping you completely over the edge.

Find out for yourself with a pack of our Big Burn beef jerky and stay tuned for more tasty collaborations!

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