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Don't Miss Meatstock Sydney!

BBQ Craft Beer low n slow Meatstock Smoked

Love BBQ, beer, music and hot sauce, then you'll not want to miss Meatstock Sydney this weekend! Get your tickets early as they're probably not available on the door.

We had a great weekend at Melbourne's Meatstock in April, our Bunny Chow even made it onto the festival's mural thanks to Sigh_13 and his magical spray cans.


If you've not heard of, or never been to Meatstock it's a BBQ & Music festival that makes a great day out full of BBQ, beer and music! Sydney's event starts this Saturday morning at the Olympic Park and runs until Sunday evening.

Melbourne's Meatstock festival featured some of Australia's best hot sauces including Crowley's Hot Sauce and Melbourne Hot Sauce. We're expecting Sydney's event to be even bigger and bolder than last year! Since launching the CHILLI effect at Sydney's Meatstock last year with our original 3 sauces, we've since added Bunny Chow, El Presidente's Demise and our new spicy peanuts!

If you've not tried our peanuts yet, we've got three great flavours 

- Chilli & Lime - zesty spiced & addictive!

- Tequila, Chipotle & Lime - smokey & tangy, simply delicious!

- Salted Caramel Carolina Reaper - delicious & extremely spicy!


Our nuts go awesomely with Beer & BBQ, don't just take our word for it, come along to Sydney's Meatstock, grab a beer and find out for yourself...

Hopefully we'll see ya'll there on Saturday/Sunday.





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