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FREE TICKETS - Brisbane BBQ & Beer Roadshow 18th Feb 17

BBQ & BEER Roadshow Competition FREE TICKETS

Awesome news, we're giving away tickets to Brisbane's BBQ & Beer Roadshow!!

To be eligible for one of our free tickets you need to be over 18 years old, be a proven chilli addict and be readily available to drink beer and eat BBQ in Brisbane all day long....

So how do I prove myself as a fully fledged chilli addict you may be thinking?

That's easy...just post a photo on our Facebook page of yourself holding your favourite bottle of hot sauce with a funny caption of your choice ending in the phrase "....and I deserve Beer & BBQ in Brisbane"

Obviously we'll be extremely and unashameably biased when we see our own sauces in your hand....those that make us laugh the hardest win the tickets. Tickets are limited and our decision is final.

We'll be announcing the winners of our competition 12th February after which we'll email out the tickets to our lucky winners.

Good luck everyone, as we eagerly look forward to a fabulously hot and smoky weekend....

Over and out!!!


Head of the Brisbane TCE Chapter

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