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New Policy for Sydney's Royal Easter Show

#VikingHour Crafted Meatstock Viking Hour

So it's been a while since our last blog, as we've been busy travelling the countryside selling sauce, getting our goodies into even more shops near you and developing new delicious chilli peanut products! Still that's no excuse for not sharing more of our recent adventures with you...

Currently we're on humpday of the Royal Easter Show here in Sydney and it's been a blast so far. We've made new friends driven by chilli cravings just like our own. There have been raging sweats, floods of tears, desperate moments of gobbling French cheese and even uncontrollable dribbling as we share El Presidente's Demise with an appreciative crowd. We've started keeping a tally of how many Indian fellas we've broken with our Indian style hot sauce Sting Like a Bee, the number is climbing daily. There's even been a fanatical chilli crazed bloke, armed with a revolver at our stand (you know who you are Mr. L). Despite all this hard work and furious entertainment, we've still managed to dream up a new and frankly pointless company policy, that is 'Viking Hour'. This, as you've probably guessed by now, is a phenomenon where lunacy takes over in our tiny cell (er I mean sales booth) and an uncontrollable need for mead and roast pork takes over as we don our Viking helmets! It could well be linked to extended exposure to Wyld Smoke's Rib Rub and Making Bacon cure, but we're not sure yet?


Why? You ask yourself...because "we can" and so can you! Bored at your desk? Tired of the same old keyboard, till or stockroom then why not transform your workplace for an hour with a Viking theme? Your options are endless, there is the pop up meadery option in the staff kitchen, the fire pit in the bosses office, even start a goat pen in reception? Anyway we'll leave the details up to you on how you can make the most out of Viking Hour in your day....

In other news we'll be at these up coming events if you want to come and show off your Viking helmets, axes or even share a jug of mead with us...

- Sydney Royal Easter Show

- Crafted Wollongong (Easter Saturday Only)

- Meatstock Melbourne

- Meatstock Sydney

So pack your longboat, sharpen your axe and polish up your drinking horn then head out to one of our upcoming events and we'll see you there.

Ya'll bring the mead and we'll bring the hot peanuts...






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