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Taste Explosion at TCE!

For those following us closely you'll have noticed that the eclectic style of our market stall and online shop got even more chaotic recently...

While this chaos drives Daryl further towards insanity, Mark continues to make new friends and bring even more great products to you, our customers.

As you can imagine it costs a small fortune to launch new products of our own. So to keep us growing at the speed we need to survive, we're working with some other talented craft producers to offer our customers even more unique and tasty products. It's really exciting to be working collaboratively with these passionate people who are on the same kind of roller coaster journey.

This means in addition to our hot sauces and spicy peanuts we now offer

- even more BBQ rubs thanks to Wyld Smoke & Pinch Spices

- Blend Smoked Honey, the perfect BBQ glaze and last minute drizzle

- award winning Caramel sauces, the ultimate hot sauce antidote by The River Kitchen

- Authentic Kishu Binchotan (fancy charcoal imported from Japan for hibachi grills)

So whether you're looking to stock up on hot sauce, find a secret Santa gift, demolish a mates face with reaper nuts or fire up your BBQ this Christmas we've got something for you at

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