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We're going NUTS for our HOT NUTS!

Great news! This week sees the release of our new range of artisan crafted HOT NUTS.

With all the time we spend around craft beer and the tantisiling aromas of competition BBQ, we've decided some chilli snacks are essential for satisfying your BBQ festival munchies. So while all the competition teams pump out delicious brisket and aromas of smoky goodness, we'll now have some deliciously hot nuts to keep everyone going until the cook finishes up and the hand in boxes are safely away.

Hand crafted in the Sunshine Coast's hinterland our small batches of fresh nuts are lovingly brought to life with blends of our favourite chillies and spices including the infamous Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Habanero peppers.

Our 100g packs are eager to crack open at the first sign of a cold beer or BBQ!

So here's the delicious new chilli inspired flavours available for this weekend's Crafted Beer Festival in Orange. 

- Salted Caramel Reaper Peanuts

- Chilli & Lime Peanuts

- Sour Cream Macadamias

So if you can't wait until Saturday or don't live anywhere near Orange (NSW) order your HOT NUTS online today...

"Reaper, Salted, Caramel & Nuts"...just four little words that scream "Eat Me!!!" in whatever order you place them in...

Salted Reaper Caramel Nuts,  Caramel Reaper Salted Nuts, Salted Caramel Reaper Nuts ....Yum!!!

Over, Out and Off to get my hands on some more peanuts!



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