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Murphy's Creek - We're on TV!!!

What a cracking October we've had thanks to all those Aussies just like us that just love their chillies hot and their sauces tasty.

Thanks to Murphy's Creek Chilli Festival we got to meet and satisfy loads of new chilli fans. I also managed to get myself on the TV!!! (Click the picture to see the video)

Ok, so it's not the most flattering footage as I've got sauce in my eyes from taking my shades off for the camera. Also I've probably been disowned by the chilli vendor community after my televised vow to never again compete in a chilli eating competition! Thanks to Sydney's Chilli challenge & Wazza's generosity in loading us all up with 7 pots, scorpions, habaneros and ghost peppers....but that's another story!

Anyway a big thanks to Jason and all his volunteers from Seaton Fire for making the first ever Murphy's Creek Chilli Festival such a roaring success. We were also proudly presented with the best dressed stall of the festival, no idea how, it was in complete chaos all day!! If you love chilli and live within 1000km of Brisbane you should definitely consider making a weekend of it...

So we've been on TV looking mostly disheveled, so what's next...two new awesome CHILLI effect products that's what! We're delighted to release these fire crackers!

'El Presidente's Demise' brings the unforgiving fury of the Carolina Reaper to our hot sauce collection. We even needed to add another level to the CHILLI POWER CURVE - "Call a Medic"

'Bunny Chow' marks the release of our 1st spreadable hot sauce, it's hot and scrumptious! Our delicious Indian flavours are inspired from hot Durban fast food.

We're fully stocked and selling online now...we'll still be a couple of weeks away from getting these into all our retailers.

We've also partnered with our buddies at Wyld Smoke to bring you awesome BBQ rubs. They're selling fast on all our market stalls across Sydney and Brisbane. You'll soon find them available for sale here on our online store and at most of our retailers before Christmas. 


If you've been looking for our Chilli and Lime Harissa online, we'll also soon be offering this gold medal winning delight from Westview Limes in store online. In the meantime check out our retailers list for a stockist near you.

I could ramble on about having planted a tonne of Reaper plants and enjoying our first crop of QLD habaneros, however instead I'll just encourage those of you that love beer and chilli to head over to Maitland's Bitter and Twisted Beer Festival this weekend where you'll find El Presidente's Demise and Bunny Chow flying into the don't miss out, order yours now online or go and get pissed in prison with Daryl!

Signing off for now...


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