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Bunny Chow - Chicken & Coconut Curry

Bunny Chow Chicken Curry Recipe

Need to satisfy your cravings for curry, but just don't have time or simply can't cook?

Well we've got you covered, thanks to this delicious Chicken and Coconut Curry recipe sent in by Emily P, she's a big fan of Bunny Chow up here in QLD. Thanks Emily P this makes cooking a curry so simple everyone can do it!

Ingredients (serves 2-3)

1/2 jar of Bunny Chow our spreadable hot sauce

1.5 cans of coconut cream

400g of chicken (or left over Christmas turkey?)

1 bunch broccoli (use the florets) or fresh green beans if you prefer

Olive oil (1-2 tbl spoon)

Add salt to taste

Steamed rice to serve

It's this easy!


Method 1: The Slow Cook: Marinate your chicken in half a jar of Bunny Chow for 10 -30 mins, then add the chicken, broccoli and coconut milk into the slow cooker and cook slowly for 2 hours. So easy it hurts...

Method 2: Fast & Furious: Marinate the chicken  in half a jar of Bunny Chow for 5 -10 mins, heat up your pan until hot then add the olive oil and rapidly seal the marinated chicken over a high heat for a couple of minutes. Once the chicken is sealed add the remaining ingredients then cook on a low heat until the brocolli florets/green beans are tender.

For an EXTRA HOT curry simply add some Sting Like a Bee sauce as you serve.

This gives your meal the full force of Habanero and Trinidad scorpion chilles. You'll certainly be sweating!!

Thanks again Emily P you're a star!!!

Signing out to pick some chillies


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