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SouthOz BBQ - Bunny Surprise (Low 'n' Slow)

Bacon BBQ Bunny Chow Cherry Chicken low n slow Pecan Recipe Smoked Weber

A great recipe for using Bunny Chow, smoke and bacon on your  Weber kettle BBQ low 'n' slow style...

A BIG thanks to Chris from SouthOzBBQ for sending in this delicious smoked chicken recipe for Bunny Chow and Wlyd Smoke BBQ Seasoning.

Imagine the delight of these tasty treats, fresh from the smoker. Crispy smoked bacon under a seasoned maple syrup glaze, wrapped around succulent chicken and filled with halloumi cheese and the delicious curry bite of our Bunny Chow 


4 Boneless chicken  thighs

4 Rashers of bacon

100g Bunny Chow

200g Halloumi Cheese

1 teaspoon Wyld Smoke - Smokehouse Rub

4 teaspoons of maple syrup

2 - 4 BBQ skewers

Optional - Chopped chillies of your choice for extra filling

Your BBQ or Smoker and some smoking chips (preferably pecan or cherry)

Step 1.


Prepare your chicken thighs by removing the skin and trimming any excess fat.

Prepare 4 thick halloumi slices suitable for wrapping in the thigh.

Spread Bunny Chow generously over the meat, place halloumi in the thigh as a filling (add optional extra chillies such as chopped Jalapenos for a bit of greens)

Step 2.

Roll up the chicken thigh so that the halloumi cheese is tightly wrapped. Wrap the chicken with a bacon rasher and skewer to secure.

Step 3.

Place your meat in a pre-heated BBQ at around 150 Degrees Celcius, glaze with a drizzle of maple syrup and season with a dusting of Wyld Smoke's Smokehouse Rub.

Cook for 90 minutes, preferably with Pecan or Cherry wood smoke 

Serve with rice, salad, couscous or extra Bunny Chow!

Thanks again to Chris for sharing this delicious way enjoy our scrumptiously spreadable hot sauce, Bunny Chow.

Follow Chris's BBQ adventures at @SouthOzBBQ on Instagram - WARNING NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS and you'll be constantly hungry...


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