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Wyld Smoke

Wyld Smoke - Makin Bacon BBQ Rub

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Makin Bacon Rub simply makes the ultimate bacon! This rub imparts the delicious flavours of aniseed and maple, making a legendary cured bacon when smoked.

The Makin Bacon Rub does exactly what it says on the pack.....Makes Bacon.  This bacon rub is a nitrate free bacon cure that's simple to use. 

Rub it on pork belly, cure for a week, rinse with water and smoke for a couple of hours then voilà – The most awesome smoked maple BACON!!!

Try smoking your bacon with hickory, cherry or macadamia woods for legendary results.

Makin Bacon also works deliciously as a rub for fish too.

Great value 150g resealable pack

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