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Wyld Smoke

Wyld Smoke - Rib Rub BBQ Seasoning


Rib Rub is best described as a Kentucky BBQ style rub, salty yet sweet, with a touch of chilli. You can use Rib Rub to both grill and smoke effortlessly.

Sprinkle Rib Rub liberally over pork ribs, chicken breasts or even treat yourself to a pork shoulder slow roasted for great pulled pork (don't forget to add Heads or Tails sauce too). 

Rib Rub also makes a delicious base rub on spicy wings with added El Presidente's Demise or Sting Like a Bee for some serious heat, or simply BBQ a whole chicken.

Rib Rub matches well with hickory, apple, cherry or pecan wood when smoked.

Rib Rub also makes an awesome guacamole with avocado, garlic and some Wizard's Lingering Burn

Great value 150g resealable pack

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