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Wyld Smoke - BBQ Hero Pack - The Chilli Effect

Wyld Smoke

Wyld Smoke - BBQ Hero Pack

$80.00 $95.50

Love BBQ? Does your meat need a good rub? Want to be a BBQ Hero?

SAVE when you buy the full range of Wyld Smoke's BBQ rubs .

1 x Smokehouse Rub, 150g - Perfect for a Sunday arvo T Bone & beer

1 x Rib Rub, 150g - Ribs & chicken to die for Kentucky BBQ style

1 x Dusty's Blend, 150g - Sweet and mystical chicken and lamb

1 x Churrasco Rub, 150g - Deliciously spicy South American steaks

1 x Makin Bacon 150g - Awesome Bacon/Pork (and weirdly fish)

1 x Vynegar X 150g - Perfect for Spicy Hot Wings

1 x Bull Dust 150g - Orgasmic on steaks

With our BBQ Hero Pack you'll be the BBQ hero you've always dreamed of becoming. Become a Master of grilled meat or even low and slow with BBQ Wyld Smoke BBQ Seasoning. Our BBQ Hero Pack turns every barbeque into a culinary masterpiece, so long as you don't burn everything to a crisp!

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