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Westview Limes - Chilli & Lime Harissa - The Chilli Effect

Westview Limes

Westview Limes - Chilli & Lime Harissa


We love our chilli farmer's chilli & lime harissa so much, we decided to share it online.

This delicious delight won a gold medal in the Hobart fine food awards and we certainly know why!

Use it as an harissa paste, a spicy spread, dip, cooking ingredient or simply like a relish, this harissa rocks your taste buds and certainly delivers the chilli effect. Whilst not being as hot as our Bunny Chow this harissa certainly packs some delightful heat.

With notes of caramelised onion, zesty lime with the bite of chilli and the long lingering flavours of cumin, this makes an excellent addition to meals from the simple cheese toasty to a lavish T-Bone steak. If you've not tried it yet and love flavoursome chilli then you should...

Ingredients: Chilli (45%), Lime (20%), olive oil, sugar, garlic, sea salt, chilli powder, onion, cumin, arrowroot, coriander.

Served in 270g Jar

GLUTEN FREE & Vegan friendly

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