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About us

Established in 2015 with a yearning for good food, adventure and a mission to share our passion for hot & tasty chilli sauces, we launched the CHILLI effect at Meatstock BBQ & Music Festival in Sydney 2016.

We started out simply sharing our fresh and flavoursome hot sauces delivering the heat that makes good food taste even better.

Since starting out we've discovered the CHILLI effect is much more than simply making and selling the best hot sauces. It's about engaging in a community that adores all things chilli, beer & BBQ. It's about working together with local producers to put Australia on the map as one of the best specialist producers of spicy products in the world. Now that's the real CHILLI join us on this adventure as we share our passion for good food and all things chilli, beer & BBQ.

So who's running the show?

Mark is our resident "make it hotter" lunatic. He loves tempting the brave with El Presidente's Demise and Reaper nuts. If he offers you a teaspoon full of our sauce you should keep in mind his motto: "Legends are only born through sacrifice.... especially yours!". When he's not entertaining folks with hot sauce you'll find him setting fire to his BBQ, exploring Queensland on his motorbike or chasing after the next crazy scheme he's just dreamed up on the side of some mountain up in the Sunshine Coast....
Daryl is our mad hatter and chief brewer. He used to consider himself as "able to eat hot chillies" until he tried a slither of raw Trinidad Scorpion and learnt to respect the super hots! He's a serial tinkerer, mostly found in the shed brewing exotic beers, testing new sauce recipes or generally banging bits of wood together.

We're based in both Sydney and Brisbane regularly attend markets and good food festivals in the local areas. To find out where we'll be next, keep an eye on our Facebook page at:

If you can't make it to us, you can order online and we'll ship to you. If you're in Australia and spend more than $50 the shipping is FREE!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us an email at or come and have a chat on Facebook.