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Australian Hot Sauce Brands

Australia seems to be powering ahead in producing some of the world's best hot sauces with new Aussie Hot Sauce brands popping up each year. So much so that Australia's best hot sauces have made their way to the UK with

While the CHILLI effect was established in 2015 we're newbies next to Australia's hot sauce pioneers like Byron Bay Chilli Co, The Chilli Factory and the Hippy Seed Company that have been on the chilli scene for 15 years or more.

Here's some of Australia's creative chilli talents that are thriving today in creating some of Australia's hottest sauces

Cobra Chilli

Chilli Seed Bank



Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments

Melbourne Hot Sauce

Mofo hot sauce

Changz hot sauce

Dr Paul's hot sauce

13 Angry Scorpions

With all that choice it's no surprise that we're getting the CHILLI effect noticed overseas.

Now you can find our range in the UK from and in Canada from Chilly Chiles

While we do ship overseas typically it costs a bomb from Australia so it's probably best to plan a holiday to Queensland, Australia for one of our many great chilli festivals instead! Then you too can taste Australia's Best Hot Sauces