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The CHILLI effect: Where the heat is real, flavoursome and fresh.

Welcome to the CHILLI effect.

Born from Mark & Daryl's passion for growing chillies, blending deliciously hot sauces from fresh ingredients and competing for the next level on The Chilli Power Curve comes 'The Chilli Effect'.

Established in 2015 we're now celebrating our second year of delighting flavour loving customers. Since we started from humble beginnings making hot sauces from chillies we'd grown at home, we now offer international award winning HOT sauces, BBQ rubs, VERY spicy peanuts, CHILLI beer and even more delicious products from other talented artisan producers we've befriended along the way.

If you love your hot sauce flavoursome, properly HOT and enjoy the tastiest BBQ rubs on the planet, then you'll certainly enjoy exploring our range.

Have fun adding our properly hot sauces to your hot sauce collection.

FREE SHIPPING across Australia when you spend $50 or more, which is so easy when you know it tastes so good!