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Beer Sticks - CHILLI BURNER (10 Pack)

The Chilli Effect

Beer Sticks - CHILLI BURNER (10 Pack)


10 Pack CHILLI BURNER Beer Sticks (VERY HOT)

Welcome to the meaty snacks that require spare bog rolls in the freezer.

Our fermented beer sticks don't need refrigeration, so we can get them to you by post, no problem!

Munch on them while enjoying a beer or slice them up and throw them on your pizza with a drizzle of Wizard's Lingering Burn or El Presidente's Demise.

Ingredients: Pork (60%), Beef (20%), Chilli (5%), Spices, Salt, Sugars, Sodium Nitrate, Gelatine, Sodium Erythorbate, Starter Culture, Food Acids (330, 260) Preservative (223)

Served in 850g packs


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