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Extract - Satan's Spit

The Chilli Effect

Extract - Satan's Spit


This is only for crazy people and not for the faint hearted.

We can't claim credit for this devilish creation, this evil concoction of nastiness is from the dastardly imagination of Marcel De Wit of The Chilli Factory. Yes he's managed to atomise chilli extract as a weapons grade spray! It gets everywhere and truly causes havoc in it's wake....

Recommended for over 18's only

Ingredients: Alcohol, Chilli Extract

30ml gives you 400 serves it's that hot

Warning Flammable!!! Handle with Care!!!

We recommend you don't buy this if you value your taste buds, lungs or eyes...

(PS Mark keeps a bottle and a gas mask in his car in case of road rage events on the Gold's serious stuff!!!)

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