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Extreme Chilli Extract - Hallucinator


Don't buy Hallucinator unless you're an extreme chilli head or crave the most intense natural high of your life, we're serious, this is crazy shit!!!

For those lucky enough to have survived our "Life Changing Experience" you'll get flashbacks to the mind bending lunacy lurking in this jar...

Don't be fooled by the size - Hallucinator packs a ferocious roller coaster ride of pain and rampaging endorphins, that could leave you in a heap on the floor....

Produced by our mate Jason at Crowley's we wholly respect this product as thoroughly EXTREME. Made with 50% chilli, fortified with Capsaicin Oleoresin (Chilli extract rated 6 Million SHU, 10%) (Capsaicin Crystal 16 Million SHU, 10%). This shit is truly mental and shouldn't be consumed without adding to another product!!!


This contains capsaicin and is an irritant. Use with caution (and only a toothpick!)

Do not ingest this without adding it to another product.

It contains 20% extracts and these are listed as an irritant to the human body.

If you do choose to consume this directly, be aware of the following reactions (not limited to):

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  • Increased heart rate, inevitable!!!
  • Increased blood flow to extremities and around the body
  • Possible blurred vision, equivalent of a skin full of rum!!
  • Possible numbness to extremities, face, arms, hands
  • Possible pain within the ear canal / Eustachian tube
  • Ringing in the ears, highly probable!!!
  • Mucous membrane reaction resulting in uncontrollable salivation, droolling guaranteed!!!
  • Uncontrollable and involuntary tear production, yes we've seen grown men cry uncontrollably!!!
  • A pain level that you may never have experienced before (oh YES!!!)
  • A feeling of a "natural high" that may come with the release of pain killing endorphins - the RUSH!!!

Upon buying this product, you take full ownership of the product and the responsibilities that come with owning something as intense as this product, Halluncinator.

As there are no regulations surrounding the sale of capsaicin or capsaicin based products in Australia, we still have a moral and social responsibility to ensure that no harm comes to yourself or anyone else you choose to provide this to.

Please ensure that:

  • Anyone trying or using this product is aware of the possible reactions above
  • They are fully capable of consuming a product of this "heat" intensity and do not have any medical condition that may react to or be enhanced by consumption of this product.
  • That you are fully aware of your responsibilities as the owner of this product

Lastly, upon buying and receiving this product, you confirm and agree to all social and moral responsibilities bestowed upon you. Neither Crowley's Hot Sauce (the manufacturer) nor the CHILLI effect (the reseller) is to be held responsible. Consume at your own risk, you have been warned!

Good luck and enjoy the life changing experience, it's immense!


Chilli (50%), Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Capsaicin Oleoresin (Chilli extract rated 6 Million SHU, 10%) (Capsaicin Crystal 16 Million SHU, 10%).

Made on machinery that may have been in contact with nuts, fish or dairy.

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