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Chilli Seed Bank

Reaper Corn Chips - The World's Hottest Corn Chip


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These world's hottest corn chips are reserved for the insane!

Our mates at CSB have produced an awesome product that we're thrilled to be offering. With Carolina Reaper, Scorpion and Bhut Jolokia all infused into these bad boys you know you'll be flying high on just one chip!

Not for sooks, is our best advice...and try just one or two before eating a handful!

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(and probably the best laugh you can possibly have for under $50)

If you're brave enough to want these corn chips in your life you'll probably want to give our Extremely Hot Beef Jerky a crack...the Big Burn, made with around 30 Ghost peppers per pack, it's so hot it tears strips off your tongue! Buy Big Burn Jerky Now and if you're truly insane try Satan's Spit Chilli Extract...9M Scovilles!!!!

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