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The Chilli Effect

The CHILLI Head Pack - SAVE $30

$96.00 $126.00

So you love chilli and fancy all our hot sauces, spicy nuts and delicious spreadables, then here's the bundle for you. SAVE $30 AND GET FREE SHIPPING.

From Hottest to Mildest here's what you get in the CHILLI Head Pack

1 x El Presidente's Demise - Super hot Mexican style sauce (Reaper) 150ml

1 x Salted Caramel Reaper Peanuts 100g

1 x Sting Like a Bee - Super hot Indian style sauce (Trinidad Scorpion) 250ml

1 x Wizard's Lingering Burn - Hot Cajun style sauce (Habanero) 250ml

1 x Bunny Chow - Spreadable Indian style hot sauce (Habanero) 250g

1 x Heads or Tails - Spicy BBQ sauce (Habanero) 250ml

1 x Chilli & Lime Harrisa (Westview Limes) 250g

1 x Chilli & Lime Peanuts 100g

1 x Tequila, Chipotle & Lime 100g

1 x Jalapeno & Lime (Westview Limes) 250g

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